#0141 Bestum

Planning / Realized
Attivo AS
5 500 sqm (38 units)
Malarchitecture in collaboration with Terje Iversen MNAL

This project explores possibilities within the commercial housing production.

The zoning of the property adopted in 2012, was developed with an intention to preserve the existing nursing home while having it transformed into a three-sided terrace block. The new developer, who acquired the property after the adoption of the zoning plan, wanted a more efficient utilization of the plot, something that assumed demolition of the existing nursing home.

The goal is to create a rational building structure that offers optimal apartment plans as well as god light and visibility conditions. The new approach secures also additional outdoor areas, seen as an asset for the project. The building volume divides the property, which has a height difference from the south to the north at about 15 meters, in two areas with different character. The lower part facilitates entrance and outdoor recreation, while the upper part is more private and calm being sheltered against the neighboring residential area.

The fa├žade is inspired by the functionalist 'white epoch'.

(Translation from the description by Terje Iversen, sivilarkitekt MNAL)

Photo: Attivo AS