#0116 Bjørkhus Loft

Planning / Realized
100 sqm
Mirza Mujezinovic, BA8 Prosjekterende Ingeniører AS

The client is a young family with a love of sailing. The husband being a professional boat builder, working among other things on the building of boats for the Volvo Ocean Races. Located in the Flatiron-Torshovkvartalet XV in Oslo, the couple bought the raw loft in order to combine it with their apartment located underneath, a common practice in Torshov these days.

The main idea is to keep the loft as one big and open space containing kitchen, dining, living, mezzanine and balcony. The apartment's first floor contains the entrance, three bedrooms and the main bathroom. The interior is light, and simple, while defined by the character of the furnishings. Even though the project is small, it contains a complexity in regards to law and building regulations. The task of fire escape had to be solved, while at the same time considering the restrictions that comes with an old protected building.

In the spring of 2012, the family sells the apartment and use the money to go sailing around the world.