#0107 Busy Bee

Planning / Realized
2007-, open competition, honorable mention
15 000 sqm
Mirza Mujezinovic,
in collaboration with Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter

In nature, the beehive is a complex system in which every individual has an important role in a bigger structure. The structure has its own communication method where every individual recognizes the community's needs in working towards the common good.

This proposal establishes a robust framework for developing a village, which ensures local identity, a social platform and sustainable optimalization. With emphasis on ecological values, the housing units are arranged as a beehive tissue, integrated in the terrain and co-existing with their surroundings.

The field of nineteen units is organized in four neighborhoods, each of which has its own local garden with specific vegetation.
Built in massive wood, the hexagons shaped units range from three to five stories high, having roof top terraces that create a network of visual exposures, lines that create additional public level to otherwise privatized spheres. All units have a ground floor programmed as a collective working space - strengthening the idea of the student village as a potential entrepreneurial arena. Two landscape structures (one on the east side and one on the west side) house different public programs (bookstore, café, gym, laundry, outdoor platforms) - as well as they function as mediators between the student village and the surrounding small-scale residential context.

The hive at night

The program logic

Variations of the plan

Model perspective


Illustration of student housing