#0129 Fjellstubben

Planning / Realized
2 x 220 sqm
Mirza Mujezinovic, Anders Sletbak

Oslo's strong growth in the last twenty years has started to affect the city's outer zone. As a part of the densification strategy for the detached housing areas, Nittedal municipality increased the amount of allowed built area (BYA) from 20% to 30% in 2010. The idea behind Fjellstubben 6 is to divide the existing site into three separate plots of land in order to be developed as three different entities.

We propose two new houses as well as keeping the existing house. Their volumetry is a direct result of the plot resulting in two slender building volumes with optimized daylight conditions and a potential of 220 sqm BRA. The municipality's requirements for the outdoor areas (MUA) is maintained.

The project explores the architectural possibilities defined by the building and planning regulations: a miniature housing estate where three detached houses perform as three separate units, yet they share a continuous garden space.

Axonometric drawing

House A plan & section

House B plan & section