#0125 Gr√łndahl Loft

Planning / Realized
200 sqm
Mirza Mujezinovic

The re-use of raw lofts at Torshov has been an ongoing process of the last twenty years. Today, almost all available spaces have been renovated and incorporated in the neighboring apartments on the lower levels. In addition, the legal framework has been further strengthened, resulting in a series of Kafka-like demands, such as the necessity of an ADA-bathroom despite the fact that the building itself does not facilitate ADA-accessibility. The initiators of such projects have usually been young families, not wanting to leave the city, for the benefit of suburban life.

This project is one of the last renovations in the block, where the available area is a leftover after the neighbor developed his part. The idea of project is a gesture that secures the spatial quality embedded within the loft - the height of 5 meters. It results in a triangular space defined by the roof section, as it offers the view to the park in Torshovsdalen and the interior court of the city block.

Section and plan diagram

Panorama of attic space