#0142 Guggenheim Foundation

Helsinki, Finland
Planning / Realized
2014-, competition
Guggenheim Foundation
7600 sqm
Mirza Mujezinovic, Anders Sletbak,
in collaboration with Pavlina Lucas and Sigbjørn Willemsen

LANTERN and Helsinki are engaged in an intense relationship. The museum stages a series of spatial situations where civic life unfolds. It is a destination on a choreographed journey from the communal to the individual experience of art.
The structure is composed of: the Living Room, set firmly on the ground, the Art Hall, cantilevered above, and the Lift-off Room, joining the two.

The Living Room is an extension of the city floor, a hollowed-out pavement housing the communal program of the museum.

The Lift-off Room envelops a slow-moving hydraulic platform that links the Living Room to the Art Hall. This mechanical ready-made terminates at the belly of the Art Hall from where a gentle ramp leads upward to the main exhibition floor.

The Art Hall is a grand exhibition chamber with adjoining, more intimately proportioned, galleries. This brass-clad volume assumes an iconic value at its distinctive maritime location and resonates with the cityscape of Helsinki.

Helsinki lantern

Site Plan

Floor plans

Ground floor plan

Concept diagram

Art, architecture and civic life come together in a dynamic experience.

A gentle ramp leads upward to the main exhibition floor.


The mechanical ready-made leads to the belly of the Art Hall.