#0116 Liesing

Vienna, Austria
Planning / Realized
93 000 sqm
Mirza Mujezinovic,
collaboration with Halvor Weider Ellefsen and Minna Riska

"Phasing through buffering"

The idea of the project is to divide the site in three allotments separated by two green buffer zones, with the central allotment being the initiator of the overall project.
By developing the site from within one avoids the issue of thoroughfare during the construction period. The central allotment has the advantage of having immediate green spaces on both sides (which are developed as leisure gardens and sport/fitness park). These open green spaces function as noise buffers during the construction of the two other lots. The idea of central development is to create a well defined and articulated public space within so that the later developments may immediately benefit from it.

"Extended living through complementing"

Project is developed in three main phases, with each phase creating a distinctive urban condition: first phase creates a meandering lamelle/block medium-scale field; the second phase assumes a low-rise atrium carpet, and the final phase produces a dense block structure. This strategy of complementing fields is capable of absorbing different needs and different life styles. In that sense the overall development has a potential to become a diverse neighborhood consisting of different demographic and social groups.

"Interacting through diversifying"

Project enhances the idea of porosity - each phase focuses on maintaining the openness and diversity of the public spaces. The overall development performs as a compact entity consisting of a network of paths, streets, plazas and open green spaces. This spatial diversity combined with different programmatic activators opens the potential for a higher degree of interaction between future users. In that sense the development may be seen as an urban arena within otherwise anonymous sub-urban context of Liesing.

Concept diagram

Section & ground floor plan

Closeup ground floor plan

situation plan