#0105 Lastenstrasse - MALAHOF

Vienna, Austria
Planning / Realized
Wien Süd
27 000 sqm (250 housing units) + 10 000 sqm parking
Mirza Mujezinovic, Anders Sletbak, Jonas Løland, Minna Riska, Paul Henry Henn, Synøve Flobak, Mari Isdal, local collaborator: Atelier 4 Architects

The site has no apparent qualities. To the west it faces a railway container station and to the east an existing 250-meter-uninterrupted seven-storey housing complex. Malahof creates a new context by juxtaposing two contrasting modernist housing types: the slab and the carpet. It contains 250 dwellings, 68 of which are atrium houses. The project explores the potentials of the large-scale, both as a programmatic constraint in everyday design practice and as a source of inspiration for architecture (housing) production. Malahof was completed in 2017, twelve years after receiving the first prize in Europan 8 competition in Vienna.

"Take this Waltz", article in Norwegian

"Free Your Mind", article in English

Lamella and the park area. (Photo: Lukas Gächter)

Lamella meets carpet. (Photo: Lukas Gächter)

Carpet meets lamella. (Photo: Lukas Gächter)

Carpet with atrium houses. (Photo: Lukas Gächter)

Carpet field condition. (Photo: Lukas Gächter)

Outdoor areas carpet. (Photo: Lukas Gächter)

Playground. (Photo: Lukas Gächter)

Outdoor area carpet/access to the atrium houses. (Photo: Lukas Gächter)

Lamella´s west facade: vertical grid. (Photo: Lukas Gächter)

Roof top: urban gardening. (Photo: Lukas Gächter)

Roof top pool areal with 360-degree-view of Vienna. (Photo: Ivan Brodey)

Axonometric drawing

Site plan

Floor plans

Atrium logic

Lamella section

Atrium section

Longitudinal section