#0101 Hus Myhre

Ulvøya, Oslo
Planning / Realized
400 sqm
Mirza Mujezinovic
collaboration with Vindveggen Arkitekter

The context of the Norwegian single-family house production is as following: the site is approximately 2500 - 3000 m2, with sloping topography, with rich vegetation and usually with a magnificent view.

The client is a former top soccer player and an art collector.
The project site is Ulvøya, one of island in the inner part of the Oslo fjord. The site is on a cliff, 40 meters above the see facing west with the view of the main Oslo's landmarks. The master plan limits the building envelope to two floors. None of the immediate neighbors wants to lose an inch of their view.
The site is spectacular,
but is it enough?

The project uses a patio as an instigator of the house - it is seen as a diversion from the view, a house in a house, as well as being a programmatic and spatial organizer: it separates the private from the "public" part of the house while it joins the parking level with the main level. Due to the dramatic topography of the site, and the lack of the outdoor spaces, the project constructs several platforms - terraces and balconies that maximize the potentials of their context (south-west facing, increased privacy and the view).

One leaves the city, drifts on a highway, turns right, crosses the bridge, drifts through the middle-class imaginaries, drives into the house, exits the car, climbs the stairs passing by the patio, enters the main level, pours a drink. Far away is the glimmer of the city lights.



Floor plan

Model perspective