#0127 Custom Made

Hong Kong(2016)
Planning / Realized
Oslo School of Archietcture/Oslo Arkitekturtriennale 2013
Mirza Mujezinovic and Halvor Weider Ellefsen with Mathilde Simonsen Dahl, Truls Aastebøl, Petra Brekke, Eilert Ellefsen, Camilla Gormsen, Øystein Grønvold, Ingri Heggebø, Kristine Hovemoen, Magnus Kjeldsen, Marcus Lindahl, Sasa Markovic, Tin Phan

"Custom made" is an exhibition addressing Norwegian architectural production, departing from the current discussions on sustainability within the discipline. The exhibition's starting point is to explore the role and relevance of "nature" and "the natural" in modern Norwegian architecture. The selection of architectural drawings and photographs of the exhibition is meant to illustrate sets of discussions meandering around central themes, tools and motifs present in Norwegian architectural production.

Custom Made aims not towards postulating a new canon of Norwegian architecture, nor does it aspire to identify a definite "Norwegian architecture" as such. Rather, it explores the dialectic between architectural practice forms and architectural discourse in modern Norwegian architecture culture. This dichotomy can be defined as respectively "the tradition of production", meaning architectural practice, and "the production of tradition", referring to architectural debates and discourses. In the exhibition, the two manifest themselves as a collage of architectural works, and an installation called "the readymade".

The readymade exposes the production of tradition by referring to how architecture is understood, discussed and legitimized the last seventy years through a 165,228 page long collection containing 2126 books, catalogues, pamphlets, magazines and manuals. "The collage" is the basis on which this article is written. Its narrative is structured around interpretations of nature in architecture from the mid twentieth century until today: It unfolds trajectories of nature references, ideals and ideas within the discipline. The works, and texts presented here elaborate on some key projects and aspects of the exhibition's theme, translated in to a magazine format.

The 15 meter book

Copenhagen exhibition

Moving in China

Preparations in Copenhagen