#0110 The City of Inverted Values

DOGA, Oslo
Planning / Realized
Oslo Architecture Triennale, main exhibition Norsk Form
Mirza Mujezinovic, Tim Prins

We were hallucinating. In the place called city. Draining the delirium.

Upon sobering we discovered this thing. Beautiful. Soft. Pleasant. Clean. Emblematic.

Safe. Democratic. Hygienic

And exhausted. A shiny corpse of comrade Lenin put on the display. Our city is finally here.

City has been winning the battle for some time now. Its status as the untouchable has reduced architecture to a menu of typological advertisements. The future is a simple user-manual question. It is instantly labored through the repetition of the known and the reduction of the complex. Consequently, utopia has never been so distant.

The project inverts the city. Troubleshooting troubled awakening the utopia from its complacent hibernation. The subject has replaced the so-called individual, who in the previous round replaced the so-called collective. This inverted city is an open source space, devoid its ideological stalemate. It unfolds within the core of the existing city. Before we even notice, the new Manu fact has already made its presence reframing our advertising repertoire. No Houses. No Streets. No Towers. No Libraries. In this apparently emptied desert, the subject chases, satisfies, declares, loves, kills, beats, recites, brakes, disengages... The interior is the new exterior. Once a demarcation line, the fa├žade, has finally become innocent. The mat city.